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Anchor List   [Area One]

First Published: 31 July 2018   Last Updated: 11 September 2018 13:37

Please note the following rig anchors that may extend up to one mile from the rig and may not always have buoys at their position. Fishing within the anchor pattern should be avoided. Fishermen may contact the installation or the ERRV (standby vessel) for positions of the anchors.

  Rig Name
Ocean Guardian
  Location Name
West Wick 13/21a
  Rig Position
58°17.606'N 001°50.991'W
Anchor 1 - 58°17.347'N 001°52.386'W
Anchor 2 - 58°17.925'N 001°52.342'W
Anchor 3 - 58°18.392'N 001°51.341'W
Anchor 4 - 58°18.316'N 001°50.385'W
Anchor 5 - 58°17.864'N 001°49.595'W
Anchor 6 - 58°17.328'N 001°49.605'W
Anchor 7 - 58°16.819'N 001°50.462'W
Anchor 8 - 58°16.895'N 001°51.596'W