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Deployment of Buoys - New Buoy   [Area Two]

First Published: 28 March 2017   Last Updated: 28 March 2017 12:58

Please note a new buoy has been deployed at the following location.

  Buoy Type
Scientific Buoy
57°10.693'N 002°03.994'W
57°10.689'N 002°03.617'W
57°10.549'N 002°03.274'W
57°10.485'N 002°02.918'W
57°10.435'N 002°02.548'W
57°10.359'N 002°02.205'W
57°10.260'N 002°01.876'W
57°10.141'N 002°01.564'W
57°10.125'N 002°01.247'W
57°09.981'N 002°00.984'W
57°09.820'N 002°00.742'W
57°09.651'N 002°00.531'W
57°09.470'N 002°00.356'W
57°09.281'N 002°00.210'W
57°09.086'N 002°00.094'W
57°08.884'N 002°00.019'W
57°08.681'N 001°59.977'W
57°08.476'N 001°59.972'W
57°08.273'N 001°59.999'W
57°08.072'N 002°00.063'W
57°07.874'N 002°00.162'W
57°07.681'N 002°00.298'W
57°07.498'N 002°00.464'W
57°07.324'N 002°00.662'W
57°07.160'N 002°00.888'W
57°07.010'N 002°01.144'W
57°06.875'N 002°01.423'W
57°06.752'N 002°01.725'W
57°06.646'N 002°02.048'W
57°06.556'N 002°02.387'W
57°06.485'N 002°02.741'W
57°06.436'N 002°03.105'W
57°06.400'N 002°03.476'W
57°06.822'N 002°01.450'W
57°09.550'N 002°00.354'W

For further information, please contact: Robert Main, Marine Scotland Science, +44(0)1224 295687, Robert.Main@gov.scot